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Hunter Biden Claims Politically Driven Charges, Seeks Dismissal

During a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Hunter Biden is set to ask a judge to dismiss tax charges filed against him last year, asserting...

Pentagon Denies Taylor Swift is an ‘Asset’ For Government Operations

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh denied Fox News host Jesse Watters claim that megastar Taylor Swift is an "asset" for government operations.

Fauci Admits Social Distancing Was Based on Nothing

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that the six-foot social distancing mandate imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic was founded on nothing.

DOJ Recommends 6 Month Prison Sentence for Ray Epps

The U.S. government has recommended that Ray Epps, who was caught on camera urging people to go inside the Capitol, receive six months in prison.

Capitol Police Promote Jan 6 Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

Among those slated for advancement are Lieutenant Michael Byrd, who is set to become captain, and Officer Caroline Edwards, who will rise to the rank of sergeant.

FBI Prevents Release of FOIA Requests Related to The Death of DNC Worker Seth Rich

Newly released documents reveal the FBI is preventing the release of FOIA requests relating to the murder of DNC worker Seth Rich.

Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox Corp’s Lachlan Murdoch: NYT

Lachlan Murdoch is Fox Corporation's CEO.

RFK Jr.’s Presidential Bid Scores Impressive 14% Support from Biden Voters

Only 67% of Biden's 2020 supporters would choose to back him again in 2024.

Ex-DNI Ratcliffe to Testify Lab Leak as ‘Only Explanation’ for COVID-19 Outbreak

Based on U.S. intelligence and "numerous, diverse and unassailable" sources.

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