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Rand Paul, Donald Trump Cut Ties with DirecTV Over Company’s Censorship of Conservative Voices

"I would cancel @DIRECTV for censoring @NEWSMAX but I already canceled them for canceling @OANN," Paul tweeted.

Is Apple Gearing Up for China-Style Internet Control in the U.S.?

Recently, Apple announced that it will deploy a new algorithm, NeuralMatch, to monitor iMessages and images on its devices.

The January 6th Commission Isn’t About The Truth – It’s About Silencing Conservatives

In the movie Darkest Hour, Winston Churchill declares, in response to the idea that Britain could negotiate and appease Hitler to avoid defeat, “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”

Texas Governor Backs Bill Prohibiting Social Media Censorship of Conservative Speech

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday said he supports a new bill that aims to combat the censorship of conservative voices by social media companies.

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