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Koch Network Group Spends $70 Million to Work Against Trump

A Koch network group, Americans for Prosperity Action, is spending $70 million in an effort to stop Trump from being successful in the 2024 presidential election.

Biden Admin Targets Air Conditioners for Reducing Carbon Emissions

The Biden administration revealed its plans to reduce the United States' carbon emissions by targeting air conditioners in new energy efficiency standards.

Most Americans Won’t Pay More Than $10 to Fight Global Warming

A majority of voters are unwilling to pay more than $10 out of their own pockets monthly to mitigate climate change, according to a poll released Friday.

Electric Vehicles Catching Fire from Water Damage: Hurricane Ian

Florida's chief fire marshal warns of EVs exploding due to damage from the catastrophic hurricane.

Biden Admin’s Reversal of Trump’s Deregulation Is Hurting Economy, Experts Say

The Biden administration’s dramatic expansion of the role of the federal government in business, banking, and society, and sharp break from the deregulatory approach of the Trump presidency

How Woke Is Too Woke? Corporate America’s Sharp Left Turn Prompts Unprecedented Backlash

Critics of corporate wokeness say enough, mobilize to combat firms' embrace of far-left causes

Conservative Shareholders Target ‘Woke’ Corporate Boards

Conservative investors are becoming shareholder activists to battle what they call the “woke” gender and race policies of America’s corporate boardrooms.

Understanding Why Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Scores Are Bad: ‘A Basic Primer’ by the Heartland Institute

What are ESG scores, and why are so many advocates of liberty deeply concerned about them?

The Rise of Weak Men is Killing American Innovation and Prosperity

Weak men’s control of culture has undermined the nation that allowed them to flourish in the first place. H

Poll: 1 in 3 ‘would not spend a single dollar on climate change mitigation’

Americans overwhelmingly oppose expensive Green New Deal programs.

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