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Viral Video Captures the Moment Chinese Authorities Physically Drag Away Reporter During Olympics Live Shot

A Dutch reporter was physically manhandled and forced off the air during a live shot as he covered the Beijing Olympics.

Bill Gates Praises China for COVID Reponse and Vax: WATCH

Gates says communist state of China has done "great work" surrounding the COVID virus over the past year.

Government Harassment And Restrictions On Religious Groups At An All Time High

The Pew Research Center has recently released its 12th annual report on how 198 nations and territories infringe on its citizens' religious rights. The new report compares data from the pre-pandemic period of 2019 to the latest year with available data across more than a dozen United NAtions, U.S., nad European, and civil society sources.

Chinese Authorities Barge Into Church Service, Arrest Dozens Including Children

Chinese authorities have raided a small in-person gathering of Early Rain Covenant Church members in Chenghua District in the Sichuan Province's Chengdu. Someone had sent in a tip to local authorities, who proceeded to break apart the meeting and detain its attendees, which included children.

‘Democrats Turning America Into Totalitarian Communist State,” Says Attorney Sidney Powell

According to attorney Sidney Powell, the Democrat Party and its corporate allies are turning America into a centralized country.

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