Supreme Court to Hear Case of Hs Football Coach Fired for Praying After Games

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a case involving Joe Kennedy, a former Washington state high school football coach who was fired for praying after games, his lawyers announced last week.

‘Make Jesus Known Throughout the World’: FCA Distributes More Than 208,000 Bibles in 2021

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) challenges coaches and athletes around the world to use the powerful platform of sport to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Biden, Gates, Fauci, Walensky Wrong about COVID Vax Protecting from Infection, Transmission: Video Flashback

Video circulating on social media shows various U.S. leaders claiming that the Covid-19 vaccine is effective at blocking transmission of the virus, then reversing their position.

Investigation Launched After Three-Year-Old Girl Dies from Heart Attack One Day after COVID Vax

The Ministry of Public Health of Tucumán, Argentina released a report that a three-year-old girl died last December 16 and the justice system has intervened and will investigate the cause of her death.

UPenn Parents Plead with NCAA to Change Rules After Trans Swimmer Dominates Women’s Competition

Parents of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team have written a letter urging the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to change its rules on transgender athletes in response to Lia Thomas – a biological male – dominating the competition.

Video Purports to Show Trans Swimmer Crushing Female Competitors

A video purporting to show transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas utterly destroying natural-born female opponents has emerged.

Boys Replacing Girls in Sports – Feminists Yawn

Women's sports are again under attack. Decades ago, it was due to tradition and patriarchy, with funding and attention lavished primarily on men’s sports.

Pfizer vaccine injury data ordered released by judge shows shocking risk level

Any time one even mentions a story, data, or even VAERS numbers showing serious injury or death resulting from the vaccine, the bio-medical state lobby close their ears and shout while their censors in Big Tech label it as misinformation.

NBA Pushing COVID-19 Booster Shots for All Players, Coaches, and Referees

The NBA has “recommended” that players, coaches, and referees receive a vaccine booster shot in a league memo that was obtained by The Associated Press on Sunday.

Bi-racial ESPN anchor Sage Steele is taken off air after questioning why Obama identifies as black when ‘he was raised by white mom’, calling...

ESPN anchor Sage Steele has been taken off the air after blasting vaccine mandates and questioning Barack Obama's blackness - with network sources claiming she also has COVID.

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