Mother Trains Young Boy to Identify As a Girl, Claims Boys Are ‘Nasty’

A video has gone viral on social media showing a woman encouraging her son to identify as a girl.

  • A new video has surfaced on social media of a woman allegedly encouraging a little boy to identify as a girl.
  • In the clip, a little boy dressed in a pink cheerleader outfit is asked by an unknown woman if he feels like a boy or a girl. The boy replies that he “feels like a girl,” and says that he thinks boys are “nasty” because “they’re not pretty.”
  • The video includes a subtext script reminding viewers the footage is “intended to educate & remind ppl how important support & acceptance are for LGBTQ+ youth.”
  • When the woman tells the little boy “so you feel more like a girl,” the child agrees.

“I’ve always advocated for a nation where Americans can live how they want to live, even if I don’t understand it. But forcing hormone therapy or any other form of transition on a child is wrong, plain and simple. It’s abusive and should be treated as such,” Swan said.

  • The Gender Health Program at Minnesota Children’s Hospital claims children can know that they are transgender from as young as age three.
  • The hospital’s website states that “transgender youth deserve to grow up happy, healthy, safe, and strong,” while at the same time offering puberty blockers.
  • In October 2020, director Angela Kade Goepferd tells the audience of her TEDx Minneapolis that children begin to understand gender differences at around age 2, and that by age 3 or 4, they begin to develop a more “sophisticated understanding of physical characteristics and anatomy.”
  • Goepferd said at the time “transgender kids are also claiming their identities as young as 3 or 4” because children at that age know how they “should feel inside based on their anatomy, and they also know that they way that they see themselves doesn’t line up with other people’s expectations.”