Climate Change

Meat, Fuel ‘Rationing’ Now Being Pushed by Climate Change Ideologues

They emphasize that their paper "is primarily based on philosophical and ethical argument and policy analysis" instead of rigorous empirical data.

George Soros Shares Plan to Block the Sun to ‘Repair the Climate System’

Technology creating clouds would reflect the sun away from warming areas.

Minnesota Democrat Lawmakers Push Ban On Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers for ‘Climate Change’

Two Minnesota Democratic lawmakers are proposing a pair of bills that would significantly impact the state's backyards and neighborhood ice rinks in an effort to combat climate change.

Michigan State Shooter Revealed as Far-Left Democrat

MSU shooter Anthony McRae was a registered ‘liberal democrat’ by a Michigan data vendor.

George Soros Pushes Dangerous Technology To Combat ‘Climate Change’

George Soros boasted that he had discovered a process where white clouds are created to reflect sunlight away from warming areas to prevent ice sheets from melting.

Is the Biden Administration Gearing Up for Climate Lockdowns?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the left’s hunger for absolute power for all the world to see.

EU Votes to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

The European Union has voted to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and vans by 2035, requiring all new cars in Europe to be electric in 12 years.

Cool the Climate Alarmism

The latest U.N. forecast should remind us that the climate is an immensely complex system.

For the Sake of Climate Change, John Kerry Is Headed to a Tropical Location

According to the State Department, Climate Czar John Kerry is headed to a tropical location in the dead of winter for the sake of fighting climate change.

Lawmakers in Democrat States Push To Hide Teachers’ Discussions On Gender Identity

Connecticut Democratic lawmakers are pushing for legislation that would hide teachers’ conversations with students regarding gender identity and sexual orientation.

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