‘Critical Win’: Appeals Court Strikes Down San Diego Schools COVID Vaccine Mandate

In a precedent-setting decision for the State of California, a state appeals court last week ruled against the San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students.

One-Fifth of UK Children ‘Missing’ From Classrooms Following Lockdowns

The UK Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) released a report saying there is an "alarming rise" in children no longer being taught in a classroom following Covid lockdowns.

Parental-Rights Candidates Win Across Country in Midterms

Sweeping parental-rights victories in the midterms suggest parents want control of their children’s education,\.

Feds Paid for Room Service, Laundry, Babysitters for Illegal Immigrants Kept at Hotels

Homeland Security not only put illegal immigrant families up in hotels at taxpayer expense but the contract it signed insisted they be given five-star treatment with laundry service, their choice of mattresses and guards — not to keep them in, but to keep others out.

Emails Show Colorado District Lying About ‘Furries’ In Schools To Smear Parents, GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

A Colorado school district in the wealthy western suburbs of Denver gave a blanket statement to the local press dismissing parental concerns about an issue that’s galvanized the state’s contest for governor. 

Cell Phone Bans in Public Schools Are Trending Nationwide

Seven years ago, the former New York City Schools Chancellor said the city’s decision to lift a ban on cell phones in schools was “common sense.”

ACLU Fighting to Allow Schools to Socially Transition Kids Without Parental Consent

The group is fighting a PA school, insisting on parental notification.

New York City Schools ‘Overwhelmed’ By Influx of Migrant Students

New York City schools are warning that their teachers and staff cannot handle the large number of migrant children entering the classroom.

Police Shoot Ax-Wielding Man Attempting to Enter Elementary School

The man completed mental health treatment days before.

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