Massachusetts Family Institute Rallies Parents Against LGBTQ Topics in Schools

The Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) expressed concern about the worst feeling a parent could experience when their child returns home from school and begins “talking about something they learned or participated in” in a recent post on its Facebook page.

Something that “sexualizes them, confuses them, or violates [their] family’s beliefs,” is the source of concern. Since its founding, MFI has fought against sex education on the grounds that it poses a threat.

However, it has since discovered a much greater worry, and it has mobilized the 13,000 members of its Facebook group, Massachusetts Informed Parents, to bring it to light.

MFI started “Pride Watch” at the end of May and asked parents to report any occurrence of even the mildest expressions of support for the LGBTQ community in the state’s public spaces.

“Pride Month has turned into a massive, glittering, rainbow-colored pretext to introduce conversations about sexuality and gender uncertainty into K–12 classrooms,” the notice stated.

For a long time, MFI has been worried that schools are manipulating and sexualizing students. The conservative non-profit, which seeks to uphold “family values,” is an island in a sea of progressive Massachusetts laws and regulations that safeguard the rights of the LGBTQ community, transgender individuals, and gender-affirming healthcare.

It strongly supports “biblical marriage,” church rights, and is largely responsible for the anti-woke movement. MFI invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an opponent of radical woke idealogies, to its annual fundraising gala in 2023, with the theme of the event being “The Battle for Our Children.”

Children learn about sex, sexuality, and reproductive health through CSE. However, MFI asserts that it is “intended to alter societal sexual and gender norms, encourage high-risk sexual behaviors, and inspire even the youngest children to experiment with sexuality.”

It contends that CSE is a front for LGBTQ infiltration of public education. Parents are invited to contribute articles and information about LGBTQ public school projects in the group on Facebook, as well as crowdsource tools to support raising their kids in accordance with MFI’s beliefs.

In the inaugural post of the group in January 2020, the director of communications at Massachusetts Informed Parents stated, “Massachusetts Informed Parents needs your help spreading the word about our efforts to equip parents and protect kids from harmful sexualization and dangerous indoctrination in transgender ideology in our schools.”

Because “parents (and taxpayers!) have a right to know what is happening in their local district,” the group launched “Pride Watch.”

The statement stated, “If you’re a member of this group, you probably share our concern about queer theory—or sexualized ideologies in general—being introduced into the classroom of public schools.” “And if you’re in this group, you’re probably a working parent with children in school who sincerely wants to shield their children from being sexualized and brainwashed, but could use some assistance with this.”