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Florida Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Important Abortion Case

The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear a legal challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban.

Supreme Court Will Hear Religious Discrimination Case Against U.S. Postal Service

Evangelical Christian former mail carrier from Pennsylvania who claims USPS discriminated against his Sabbath practice on Sundays.

Court Rules the ATF Cannot Rewrite Gun Laws

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms (ATF) does not have the power to alter gun laws to fit public opinion.

Court Rules MAGA Hat Expresses Free Speech

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that wearing a MAGA hat is an expression of free speech and is protected under the First Amendment.

Trump Tax Returns Released

House Ways and Means Committee releases Trump's tax returns from 2015-2020 after legal battle to investigate potential violations of Constitution's emoluments clauses and proper auditing by IRS.

Mom of Hunter’s Daughter Wants Biden Last Name for Her

The woman who gave birth to a child fathered by Hunter Biden has requested a court to change the young girl's last name to Biden.

Illinois Cashless Bail Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Kankakee County Circuit Court Judge Thomas W. Cunnington ruled that Illinois "improperly attempted to amend the [Illinois] Constitution" in the state's SAFE-T Act.

Court Prohibits Biden From Imposing COVID Vaccine Requirements on Federal Contractors

A 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Biden cannot enforce Covid vaccine requirements on private workers.

Court Rules Biological Males Can Compete with Women in Connecticut

A federal appeals court in New York City ruled on Friday that transgender athletes in Connecticut are allowed to participate on female sports teams, upholding a lower court's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by cisgender runners.

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