Pope Francis Open to Catholic Church Blessing Gay Couples

This recent letter from Pope Francis seems to pivot from a Vatican decree in March 2021, which explicitly stated that priests couldn't bless same-sex unions because God "cannot bless sin."

177,000 Illegal Immigrants Lost After Giving Border Patrol Fake Addresses

Some migrants will share the same address after a Border Patrol agent accepts it.

33% of Americans Say COVID Vaccine Kills Some—25% Believe MMR Vaccine Causes Autism: Kaiser Survey

Data taken from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that 35,980 deaths have been linked to the COVID vaccine; medical literature confirms vaccine-linked disease to autism.

Michael Cohen Settles Trump Lawsuit, Avoids Trial

Michael Cohen settled a lawsuit against the Trump Organization, avoiding a trial set to begin on Monday.

Bill Gates-Funded Charity Accused of Kidnapping Children in Ghana

Children spent over four months isolated in an IJM shelter without any news from their families.

Leftist George Soros Organization Eliminating 40 Percent of Staff

92-year-old George Soros' leftist organization is reportedly preparing to cut 40% of its staff after handing off the business to his son Alex.

NFL Player’s Charity Tournament Resumes After Being Cancelled Over Location at Trump Golf Course

The charity golf tournament headed by Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer has resumed after being cancelled over backlash against it being held at a Trump golf course.

‘Evil’ Ukrainian Charity Worker Arrested for Attempted Organ Trafficking of 11-Month-Old Baby

A chilling case of child trafficking was thwarted in Ukraine recently, as law enforcement officials apprehended a 43-year-old charity worker, now dubbed as an "evil child trader," while attempting to transport an 11-month-old baby out of the country for illicit purposes.

Barclays Bank Pays $25,000 After Closing Christian Organization’s Bank Account

Dr. Mike Davidson, an executive of a Christian trust, received more than $25,000 in compensation from Barclays Bank.

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