Let Thy Smartphone Be Thy Medicine? Google, Amazon Make Big Moves Into Healthcare

As Big Tech and major retail firms move into healthcare they bring promises of convenience and innovation they claim will benefit consumers — but the move also raises questions about the ever-growing power and influence of such firms and their real motivation for getting into healthcare.

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Backpedaling in Peace Talks

Kyiv's new peace proposal a step back from previous stance, Moscow claims.

Disney Is Doing the Work of the Devil

Parents, pay attention. This is not the Walt Disney of yesteryear.

Conservatives Push Elon Musk to Use Twitter Stake to Restore Trump’s Account

Tesla founder's purchase of major stake in Twitter reignites calls to rein in Big Tech censorship.

Elon Musk Joins Twitter’s Board

Tesla CEO Elon Musk became a Twitter board member just hours after becoming their largest stockholder.

Conservative Women Are Used to Unequal Treatment. We’re Successful in Spite of It.

As a conservative woman, last month's Supreme Court confirmation hearings were difficult to watch.

Sen. Ted Cruz Requests Oversight Hearing Of FBI After Agents’ Rule-Breaking Exposed

Sen. Ted Cruz wants the Senate Judiciary Committee to pursue more aggressive oversight of the FBI after an internal audit revealed agents broke rules during investigations involving politicians, candidates, religious groups, the news media and others.

Chris Wallace Finally Shares Why He Left Fox News, Citing Reasons He Was No Longer ‘Comfortable’

Presumably timed to promote his new CNN+ gig, a line-drawing, comfort-seeking, and devoted-to-the-truth Chris Wallace has decided to publicly explain his abrupt departure from the Fox News Channel in December 2021.

Horowitz: Florida Judge Creates Constitutional Right to Ballot-Harvesting While Virtue-Signaling Over Ukraine

You don’t have a right to breathe without gagging your mouth, but you do have a right to access mail-in ballots from private third parties indiscriminately mailed to your home.

Dem Rep. Titus: The CDC Has Constantly Changed Its Mind, They ‘Lack Credibility’

Lawmakers have asserted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have lost their credibility.

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