University of Houston Cancels Opening Ceremony of Satanic, Pro-Abortion Statue

The University of Houston canceled an event honoring a statue that has been described as a satanic display of pro-abortion ideology.

Antisemitic Groups Shut Down Concert of Jewish Singer

Antisemitic groups reportedly took credit for forcing Jewish musician Matisyahu to cancel concerts in both New Mexico and Arizona.

Governor Lamont Announces Groundbreaking Effort to Cancel Medical Debt in Connecticut

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced on Friday that the state intends to become the first in the nation to eliminate medical debt for eligible...

Debate Standoff: Nikki Haley Seeks Face-Off With Donald Trump

ABC News has canceled the upcoming Republican presidential debate on Tuesday following Nikki Haley's announcement that she would not participate unless former President Donald...

New York Court Halts Immediate Revocation of Trump’s Business Licenses Amid Fraud Allegation

These charges come in the wake of a startling judgment from Judge Arthur Engoron last month, who determined there to be fraud within the Trump Organization.

Biden Admin Greenlights Border Wall Construction in South Texas, Waiving 26 Federal Laws

In a marked departure from earlier stances, the Biden administration on Wednesday facilitated the continuation of border wall construction in South Texas by waiving 26 federal laws.

Trump Announces Plan to Rescue U.S. Auto Industry from Biden’s ‘Job-Killing’ Policies (Watch)

"If Biden’s assault is not stopped, American auto-production will be totally DEAD," says Trump.

SCOTUS Denies Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

"Six States sued, arguing that the HEROES Act does not authorize the loan cancellation plan. We agree," wrote Chief Justice John Roberts.

Belmont University Cancels Christian Event After Organization Posts Pride Comments That Are ‘Harmful to Members of Our Community’

A private Christian college in Nashville, Tennessee, Belmont University, canceled an event with a Christian men's ministry after the group posted comments that the college believed to "unnecessarily fan the flames of culture wars and are harmful to members of our community.”

U.S. and China Vow to Mend Ties, but Contentious Issues Remain Unresolved

Blinken's emphasis remained on the resumption of military-to-military communication, a U.S. priority that China has consistently declined since 2021.

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