Chicago Suburbs Reject Busses of Illegals Arriving From Texas

Two Chicago suburbs rejected busloads of immigrants that arrived from El Paso, Texas, over the past week.

Texas Busses 85 Migrants to Philadelphia

On Friday, two buses carrying nearly 90 migrants from Latin America arrived in Philadelphia.

Mexico’s Riot Police Crack Down on Illegal Immigrants

Law enforcement removed primarily Venezuelan migrants.

Texas Busses Migrants to Philadelphia

Asylum seekers have been taken to sanctuary cities across the nation.

Paul Pelosi Attacker Lived in Berkeley Hippie Commune

the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer, lived inside a school bus parked outside of his former lover’s home in the weeks leading up to the attack, according to his neighbors.

Rep. Paul Gosar Calls for an End to ‘Destructive’ Affirmative Action Policies for Discriminating Against Americans

Trump-endorsed Congressman Paul Gosar blasted racist affirmative action programs and wide open borders in a scathing series of posts he made to Gab.

Texas Gov. Abbott Busses 50 More Migrants to Chicago

Lightfoot accused Abbott of using the illegal migrants as human pawns and said he is 'manufacturing a human crisis.'

Abbott Bussing Migrants to Chicago

Migrant buses now go to New York, D.C., and Chicago.

GOP Lawmakers Concerned Biden Administration Is Using Taxpayer-Funded Trains to Transport Illegal Aliens into the US

19 GOP lawmakers signed on to the letter addressed to Amtrak president Stephen Gardner.

NYC Receives Largest Shipment of Immigrants from Texas

140 migrants unloaded in the Big Apple this week.

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