Ohio Attorney General Files Civil Lawsuit Against Norfolk Southern Over Train Derailment

Ohio Attorney General has filed a civil lawsuit against Norfolk Southern over a train derailment that caused the release of over one million gallons of hazardous chemicals.

Corporate America Has Donated Over $80 Million to BLM and Related Causes

New data show Corporate America has donated $82 billion so far to Black Lives Matter and similar causes.

OpenAI Launches GPT-4

OpenAI has released its advanced AI model GPT-4, which is multimodal, making it capable of both text and image generation, sparking competition between Microsoft and Google.

Ohio AG Sues Norfolk Southern for ‘Glaring Negligence’ Following Train Derailment

Ohio is suing Norfolk Southern in federal court for “recklessly endangering” the health of residents in East Palestine, Ohio, and the surrounding area after a train derailment in the state last month sparked a public health and environmental emergency.

Third Largest Bank Failure in US History: Signature Bank Collapses Following Silicon Valley Bank

New York-based Signature Bank, with $110.36 billion in assets, has become the third largest bank failure in US history, following the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, but depositors of both banks will be made whole and no losses will be borne by the taxpayer.

Michigan Supreme Court Considers Forcing Judges To Use ‘Preferred Pronouns’ For Attorneys

Michigan’s highest court is considering a rule change that would require judges to refer to attorneys and litigants by their preferred pronouns.

How Should We Regard the President’s Treason?

In the four years of World War II, 300,000 American soldiers lost their lives, or 75,000 per year.

MTG Reintroduces Resolution to Declare Antifa a ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ (Video)

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene reintroduced a resolution to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, backed by several other Representatives, citing their repeated acts of terrorism against law enforcement, businesses, government property, and innocent Americans, and calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute these acts accordingly.

How Corporations Launder Their Race Discrimination Through Third Parties

Since the racial reckoning triggered by the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, corporations have opened their checkbooks and flashed their woke credentials.

The Federal Reserve’s Magic Trick: Big Tech

Now you see it … maybe soon you won’t.

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