‘The Rock’ Says He Will Not Be Endorsing Biden

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, once an avid supporter of Joe Biden, has stated he will not be endorsing Biden for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

RFK Jr. Warns U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Are ‘Developing Bioweapons’

The Democratic presidential candidates warned there are around 36,000 "death scientists."

Bill Gates Develops Malaria Drugs, Then Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes into the U.S.—Now Texas and Florida Are Detecting the Disease, Gates-Funded CDC Is Recommending...

The last time the United States saw cases of malaria was when seven people got sick in Palm Beach County in July-August 2003.

Georgia Delaying Voting Software Update Until After 2024 Presidential Election

"Legally, logistically, and just risk-management wise, this was the safest, wisest course," said Chief Operating Officer in the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling.

Looney Tunes Uses Drag Queens For Pride Month

The classic children’s animated brand Looney Tunes is celebrating Pride Month by encouraging people to dress up as drag queens.

Department of Public Health In El Paso Warns of Outbreaks of Chickenpox and Other Diseases Due to Influx of Illegals

Earlier this week members of the El Paso police told Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales that there had been multiple reports of illness among the illegal immigrants coming into El Paso, Texas, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Rice Now Climate Change Target

Rice feeds over half the world.

Teacher Feeds Students Bugs as Part of Climate Change Assignment

A middle school teacher in Utah's Nebo School District gave sixth-grade students bugs to eat for extra credit as part of an English assignment on climate change.

Bondage-Themed Drag Show for Toddlers Forced to Cancel Shows After Intense Backlash

Organisers of the controversial British-based “CABA-BABA-RAVE” bondage-themed drag queen show for one and two-year-old babies and their mothers have cancelled an upcoming show after intense public backlash.

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