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‘God Is Real’: Bills QB Describes ‘Spiritual Awakening’ Since Teammate’s On-Field Collapse

After Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during the Bills' Jan. 2 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, people all over the world bowed their heads in solemn prayer for his life and health.

Basketball Player Collapses Midgame (Video)

Old Dominion University's Imo Essien collapses on court.

Bills’ Hamlin Progress: Removes Breathing Tube, Talks with Team

Bills safety Hamlin makes remarkable recovery after cardiac arrest.

Hamlin’s Toy Drive Surpasses $6 Million in Donations

Chasing M's Foundation receives over $6 million in donations from NFL players, business leaders, and fans; foundation expands to include back-to-school drives, children's camps.

Bills’ Hamlin in Critical Condition After On-Field Collapse: Vaccine to Blame? (Video)

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder says it's "highly likely" the COVID-19 vaccine "played a role."

Thanksgiving Football Ad Calls Out 12 Republican Senators Siding with Democrats for a Sneaky ‘Attack on People of Faith’

The twisted minds of many U.S. lawmakers enjoy concocting ironic nomenclature for legislation that will have the opposite impact of what it would imply.

Unvaxxed Bills Player Fined $100K for Breaking COVID Protocol

Buffalo Bills fine wide receiver Cole Beasley on multiple occasions, totaling around $100,000 over COVID-19 protocols.

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