Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction could spell trouble for Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre is suing the monarch's middle son for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was 17

First Maxwell, Now Prince Andrew? New Legal Development Could Mean Big Trouble for Epstein-Linked Royal

On the same day a jury convicted disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell on five of six counts of sex trafficking related to her former lover Jeffrey Epstein, another Epstein associate received ominous legal news.

Scientists discover new part of the human body

This jaw-dropping discovery focuses on the jaw, specifically the masseter: a muscle in the lower jaw that is essential for chewing.

Police Open Criminal Probe into U.K. Vax Rollout after Medical Dissenter’s Legal Challenge

"You do not experiment on humans, and consent must be freely given without coercion and include a discussion about alternative treatments … and an individual's material risk of developing covid-19 or actually coming to harm from it." said English Dr. Sam White.

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2021

Evidence of Herod’s green thumb, Roman crucifixion methods, and Philistine bananas add to our understanding of the world of the Bible.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Please—Stop The ‘Coup’ Alarmism

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, three retired generals, Paul Eaton, Antonio Taguba, and Steven Anderson warn of a supposedly impending coup should Donald Trump be elected in 2024.

70% of Hospitalized COVID Patients in London Admitted for ‘Other Ailments,’ Diagnosed Afterward

More than two-thirds of those in London who currently are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 were found to have the virus after they were admitted with other complaints and tested while under medical care.

Army Develops Single Vax that Protects from ‘All Variants’ of COVID

Leave it to the U.S. Army to figure it all out.

New Study: Moderna Vaccine Is 4 Times More Likely to Cause Dangerous Side Effect

There has been conflicting data concerning Moderna’s COVID vaccine. But a Danish study published in the British Medical Journal this week showed data that found Moderna’s vaccine is more likely than Pfizer’s vaccine to cause inflammation of the heart muscle.

Top Virologists Tell UK Parliament That Wuhan Lab Leak Is Most Likely Origin of Virus

Dr. Alina Chan testifies that the lab leak is "more likely than not" and that "a genetically engineered virus is reasonable."

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