Brett Favre

Fox News Contemplates Legal Action Against Tucker Carlson for Contract Breach Over Twitter Show

Carlson's lawyers argue that his First Amendment rights would be infringed upon by any legal action from Fox.

Brett Favre Says It’s ‘Time to Boycott Fox,’ Supports Tucker Carlson

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre called for boycotts against Fox News following the organization's decision to drop Tucker Carlson.

Brett Favre blasts Olympic inclusion of trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard: ‘It’s a man competing as a woman — that’s unfair!’

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre said recently that transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard should not be permitted to compete in women's events in next month's Tokyo Games.

NFL Legend Brett Favre Says Kneeling For National Anthem ‘Created More Turmoil Than Good’

Brett Favre, 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and Super Bowl champion, just wants to watch sports.

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