Facebook Moderator Sues Company Over ‘Human Trafficking’

Meta has been accused of a ‘deceptive recruitment process’ in Kenya.

Musk’s Ties to the Chinese Communist Party

Elon Musk is heavily invested in China.

The Inflation Draining Your Wallet, Grocery Cart, and Gas Tank Is Far Steeper Than 8 Percent

The Labor Department’s March inflation numbers released this month skyrocketed past February’s, hitting a 12-month increase of 8.5 percent and the steepest annual increase since 1981.

Are Democrats and Joe Biden Up to Their Old Election Tricks?

Over the last 16 tortuous months of the Biden presidency, it’s become clear that the Democrats are running on empty.

Global Military Spending Breaks Record

The military spending of all nations combined set a new record in 2021, exceeding the $2 trillion mark for the first time ever, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed in a report published on Monday.

Twitter to Ban Ads That Contradict Authorities on Climate Change

Twitter announced that it will ban ads with content that contradicts authorities on climate change.

SCOTUS Rejects Attempt by Blue States to Get Tax Cuts for the Rich

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an attempt by Democratic-led states to get a massive tax cut for the rich.

You Don’t Have to Hide in Darkness When You Are Doing What’s Right

Unjustly arrested in a night raid by the authorities of his time, Jesus Christ met his captors with an objection whose reasoning is almost poetic.

Watchdog Warns States Blowing ‘Budget Surpluses’ on Wants Not Needs

In spring 2020, state and local governments were confronted with cascading costs in managing the public health response to the pandemic, spiking unemployment, and steep sales tax and user fee revenue declines resulting from business disruption and restrictions.

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