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Nearly Half of U.S. Voters Disapprove of Biden’s Russia/Ukraine Conflict Strategy: Poll

Joe Biden’s approval rating on the Russia/Ukraine conflict is underwater, a Wednesday Politico/MorningConsult poll shows.

Florida Joins Multi-State Lawsuit Against Biden’s ‘Illegal’ Immigration Program

Florida joined a multi-state coalition led by Texas suing the Biden administration for reinstating an Obama-era program that allows illegal immigrants to enter and remain in the U.S., bypassing laws established by Congress.

Sen. Blunt: ‘No Time’ to Make Inflation Worse Through Build Back Better

Inflation is the biggest challenge American families face, and adding another $2 trillion to the nation's economy through the Build Back Better Act would further harm the nation's families, "whether the administration and Democrats in the Congress want to admit that or not," Sen. Roy Blunt said Sunday. 

U.S. Attorneys General Ask Federal Court to Force Biden to Finish Border Wall

As Texas and Missouri attorneys general ask a federal court to require the Biden administration to immediately resume building the border wall with funds allocated by Congress, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was using the funds on environmental projects instead.

Voters Pessimistic on Economy, Biden’s Leadership: WSJ Poll

"First survey in The Wall Street Journal's new polling effort shows Republicans in strong position."

Whether Trump Runs in 2024 or Not, Key Party Figures Say He Defines the Future of the GOP Agenda

Exuberant Republicans cannot wait for the 2022 mid-term elections that they expect will restore their congressional majorities and the 2024 presidential contest to put one of their own back in the Oval Office.

Biden approval rating hits new low of 36 percent in Quinnipiac poll

President Biden’s approval rating keeps on dropping, and the news is no better for congressional Democrats.

In South Texas, The Border Crisis Threatens To Become A Constitutional Crisis

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott thinks border states must take action in the face of federal inaction. But is it too little, too late?

The Democratic Guide to Losing Elections

First, tell parents to butt out of schools. Next, imply that mom and dad are racists.

Biden’s job rating sinks to 42%: NBC News poll

Just nine months into his presidency, 71 percent of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction, the poll shows.

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