Boom: Direct Evidence of Biden Family Corruption Revealed

Trump Campaign Collects Over $20M Following Fulton County Mugshot

Former President Donald Trump's recent booking in Fulton County, Georgia has catalyzed a notable surge in fundraising for his campaign.

Chinese Behemoth Property Developer Evergrande Declares Bankruptcy After Experts Blamed BlackRock for ‘Blowing Up’ China’s Real Estate Bubble

As of the conclusion of the prior year, the firm, with its linked enterprises holding assets in the U.S., declared outstanding liabilities amounting to $335 billion.

‘Russia Got Richer Even as the War in Ukraine Raged on Last Year, While the West Shed Trillions of Dollars of Wealth’: Business Insider

Against the backdrop of the West's stringent sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

BlackRock, Other U.S. Investment Firms to Blame for China’s Real Estate Collapse

"We should be ready for a major real estate property downturn, not just in China, but across the world."

U.S. Inflation Rises to 3.2% Under Biden

Digging deeper into the data, "core inflation," which excludes the often fluctuating prices of food and energy, rose to an alarming 4.7% for the year.

‘Will The Fed End Trump?’: Ron Paul

"As powerful as the intelligence agencies are, there is another secretive government institution that also has great ability to harm, or help, politicians: the Federal Reserve," writes Dr. Paul.

San Francisco Drug Dealers Still Eligible for Free Legal Council After Making Upwards of $350K a Year

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Member Matt Dorsey requested City Hall investigate the justice system after a report stated drug dealers in the area make upwards of $350,000 a year.

‘More Than $2 Trillion in Wealth Held by the Middle Class Has Been Eliminated’ Under Biden: UC Berkeley Economists

Just 39% of the middle-class Americans surveyed in a Harris Poll commissioned by Bloomberg in late March and June believe their financial situation will improve within the next year.

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