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Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Staff Pressures Colleges, Libraries to Purchase Her Books

“The problem at the Supreme Court is there’s no one there to say whether this is wrong,” said Kedric Payne from the Campaign Legal Center.

School Boards, NBA Make Top 10 ‘Worst of the Woke’ List

School boards and the NBA have joined an annual top 10 list of “worst of the woke” institutions that displayed intolerance in the name of tolerance the past year.

Publisher Pressured to Cancel Amy Coney Barrett’s Book Deal

Hundreds of publishing industry professionals signed a letter to Penguin Random House.

Financial Records Reveal Biden Had $5.2 Million in Unexplained Income

Joe Biden agreed to pay son Hunter's legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company, emails reveal.

Trump Wins Stormy Daniels Case

Daniels required to pay Trump almost $300,000 in attorneys' fees.

‘God Is Bigger Than Cancel Culture’: Sean Feucht Announces New Book Deal After HarperCollins Issue

Sean Feucht, who publicly called out HarperCollins and accused the 33-year-old publishing company of "canceling" his book deal over his "political views," has announced that he landed a new book deal with a different publishing house. The Christian singer expressed how "excited" he about his new book deal.

Andrew Cuomo ordered to return $5.1M pandemic book profits to state

New York’s top ethics panel on Tuesday ordered disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to pay the state $5.1 million in book profits he made on the backs of taxpayers amid the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Cuomo’s revisionist history

Chris Cuomo returned from a pre-planned vacation to his CNN anchoring duties on Monday night and addressed his brother’s resignation as New York's governor, which occurred last week during said vacation.  

NY Gov. Cuomo Faces Deadline in Impeachment Probe

State lawmakers told Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday that their ongoing impeachment investigation is almost done and gave him a deadline of Aug. 13 to provide additional evidence.

Amy Coney Barrett receives $2 million advance for book deal

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has reportedly sold a book, receiving an advance of $2 million.

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