Denver Mayor Blames Republicans for $5 Million Cuts from Public Services to Pay For Illegal Immigrants

Denver's Democratic mayor is blaming Republicans and former President Donald Trump for cutting $5 million from public services used by its residents in order to pay for supporting illegal immigration.

DeSantis Campaign Blames Iowa Loss on ‘Election Interference’

The DeSantis campaign declared that Donald Trump's victory at the Iowa Caucus was "election interference."

Iranians Killed in Explosion During Ceremony for Iran General Killed in 2020

Two explosions occurred near a commemoration ceremony for Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani killed in 2020.

San Francisco Politician Blames Homelessness on Capitalism

A San Francisco Democrat said capitalism is to blame for the homelessness in the city.

Hamas Blames Israel for Death of Young Israeli Hostage

Hamas is blaming Israel for the recent death of Israeli hostage Sahar Baruch, 25, who was taken from Kibbutz Be'eri in the October 7 attacks.

Chicago Mayor Blames Immigrant Crisis on ‘Right-Wing Extremism’

Speaking during a press conference, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) blamed "right-wing extremism" for the city's immigration crisis.

San Francisco Business Owner in ‘Financial Ruin’ Due to Crime Surge

A longtime San Francisco business owner is facing “financial ruin” after “widespread drug use, violence and filthy streets” happening in the California city.

Dublin Police Commissioner Blames ‘Far-Right Ideology’ for Riots

After riots broke out in Dublin, Ireland following the stabbing of several people, including children, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said the events were due to "far-right ideology."

Hezbollah Blames U.S. For Escalating Tension in Gaza

Lebanon's militant group Hezbollah has allegedly blamed the United States for the escalating tension on the Gaza Strip.

Hezbollah Calls for ‘Day of Anger’ in Response to Biden’s Visit to Israel

The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has called for an "unprecedented day of anger" in response to Joe Biden's visit to Israel.

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