Republicans Push for Greater Access to COVID Therapeutics

Republicans are pushing for greater access to monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 after the federal government took over the distribution of such drugs last year.

Trump: Biden Admits 2020 Election May Have Been Fraudulent

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday said President Joe Biden questioned the 2020 election results "in his own very different way."

Tennessee Lawmaker Introduces ‘Kyles Law’ to Strengthen Protection of Self Defense

Tenessee Republican state Rep. Bruce Griffey has introduced a bill in honor of Kyle Rittenhouse that would compensate defendants found not guilty for self-defense.

Joe Biden Says He ‘Outperformed’ in First Year of Presidency

During a press conference Wednesday, President Joe Biden claims he has done a tremendous amount in his first year in office.

Hillary Clinton Will Hate What Was Found on the Walls of Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion

It seems as though attempting to wrangle her sex-obsessed husband has always been a pain for Hillary Clinton.

California to Offer Incentives to Medical Students to Become Abortionists

Pro-life news agency reports California governor pushing to make state an “abortion sanctuary” including incentives to med students who become abortionists.

Thousands of Churches Warn Against Canada’s Ban on Conversion Therapy

In Canada, a wave of Christian churches are condemning the recently enacted Bill C-4, a law that criminalizes the act of providing, promoting or advertising conversion therapy. The legislation was unanimously passed by the 44th Parliament and was the first bill to do so. It took effect on January 8.

Thousands of Pastors Blast Law That Calls Bible a ‘Myth’

New requirement part of 'dark wave of hostility' against Christians

10 Richest People in the World Have Doubled Their Net Worth in the Last Year

New reports indicate that the most wealthy people in the world are reportedly more significantly well-off fiscally since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Using Federal COVID Funds for ‘Climate Change’

Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has planned to use some of the state's budget surplus from federal COVID stimulus payments toward climate-related projects.

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