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Tennessee’s Gov. Lee Grants $200 Million for Full-Time Armed Resource Officers in Public Schools

The grants, a joint effort between Gov. Lee and the General Assembly, will fund the placement of a full-time, armed school resource officer (SRO) at every public school and implement physical security improvements at public and non-public schools across Tennessee.

Virginia Gov. Deploys National Guard Troops to Southern U.S. Border in Response to Ongoing Crisis, Federal Failures

"The ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state,” Gov. Youngkin stated.

Tennessee Authorizes 100 National Guard Troops for Border Security in Response to Ongoing Crisis

"America continues to face an unprecedented border crisis that threatens our nation’s security and the safety of Tennesseans," Gov. Lee said.

Tennessee Gov. Lee Signs Record $400M Tax Cut, Includes Grocery Tax Holiday

This historic legislation aims to support future economic growth in the state and includes a three-month grocery tax holiday beginning on Aug 1.

Tennessee Governor Boosts School Security with $230 Million Bill in Wake of Tragic Shooting

Gov. Lee stated, "Nothing is more important than Tennessee students and teachers returning home from school safely each day."

Flower Store Refuses to Serve RNC After Nashville Shooting, Claims RNC Helped ‘Create This Tragedy’

"The blood of the 3 beautiful babies we lost in Nashville is on that money, the store owners said.

Tennessee Governor for Red Flag Law, Changing Stance on Gun Control

“This is not the answer,” Gov. Lee said. “This is an appropriate step.”

Two Tennessee Democrats Expelled from State House After Rallying for Gun Control Laws Following School Shooting

Last Thursday, Representatives Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson, and Gloria Johnson chanted "No action, no peace" on the House floor during legislative proceedings, forcing them to halt.

Tennessee Governor Requests Increase in School Security Budget

Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) has requested an increase in his school security budget following the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

Federal Judge Blocks Tennessee Law Restricting Drag Performances

A federal judge temporarily blocked a Tennessee law restricting drag performances the day before it was expected to go into effect.

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