Disney’s New X-Men Cartoon to Feature ‘Non-Binary’ Character

Disney's new X-Men cartoon will reportedly feature a non-binary character in the upcoming season.

Federal Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against Disney

American First Legal (AFL) filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Walt Disney Company.

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized in Pro-Palestine Effort

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized with the phrase "Free Gaza" written in red paint.

Menorah Set up For Hanukkah in Oakland, California Vandalized

A menorah set up for Hanukkah at Oakland’s Lake Merritt was vandalized this week, leading to a motor rally around the lake Wednesday night by Jewish people with menorahs on their cars.

Harvard President Reportedly Plagiarized Ph.D. Dissertation

Conservative activists and journalists Christopher Rufo and Chris Brunet alleged that Harvard University President Claudine Gay plagiarized portions of her Ph.D. dissertation.

Congress Calls for Removal of University Presidents Following Antisemitism Hearing

Over 70 members of Congress are calling for university presidents to be removed over their failure to condemn antisemitism.

Pro-Life Father Mark Houck Sues DOJ Over Arrest

Pro-life activist and Catholic father Mark Houck and his wife are suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) after Houck was arrested last year by an estimated 20 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents.

Harvard President Acknowledges ‘From the River to the See, Palestine Will Be Free’ is Antisemitic

Harvard University President Claudine Gay admitted that the pro-Palestinian phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is antisemitic.

Leading Law Firms Warn Universities to Stop Antisemitism or Face Consequences

Some of the top law firms in the country warned in a letter that they may not recruit students from universities that allow antisemitic behavior or displays.

Kamala Harris Announces ‘National Strategy to Combat Islamophobia’

Vice President Kamala Harris announced a "National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia."

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