French Homes Spray Painted With Stars of David

An estimated 60 Stars of David were stenciled and spray painted on homes in France.

Hamas Spokesperson Walks Out of BBC Interview When Asked About Killing Innocent Civilians

A spokesperson for Hamas stormed out of a BBC interview last week when asked about the justification of killing innocent civilians in the attack against Israel.

Iran Involved in Attack on Israel: Hamas Spokesperson

The statement contradicts comments from Hamas leadership that Iran did not play a part in the attacks on Israel.

Democrats More Likely to Support Palestine: Gallup

Nearly half of Democrats support Palestine over Israel.

50,000 Russians Sign Up for Military Service in September Alone as Western Weapons Support for Ukraine Wanes

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated on Tuesday that the Russian military is sufficiently staffed for its operation in Ukraine, mainly because of the vast influx of volunteers.

Former Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Investigated for Alleged Sex Crimes

The former CEO of clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jeffries, is reportedly under investigation for sex crimes.

U.S. Puts Three More Chinese Companies on Forced Labor Entity List

This decisive move comes amid growing concerns over the exploitation of Uyghurs and other minority groups within the U.S. supply chain.

TikTok Fined Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Mishandling Children’s Privacy Data

Social media platform TikTok was fined $370 million by the European Union after the platform failed to protect children’s privacy.

Over 150 People Arrested on Arson Charges for Greek Wildfires, Media Previously Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

Previously, the media blamed the wildfires, which have forced numerous evacuations across the nation, on so-called "climate change," which has replaced the "global cooling" narrative prevalent just a few decades ago.

Denmark Moves to Ban Burning the Koran or the Bible

The Danish government has reportedly proposed a ban on setting the Quran on fire in public after a series of burnings led to uproar in Muslim countries.

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