Ep. 13 What is a Woman?

In episode 14 of the Battle Ground podcast, Pastor Phil Hostenpillers takes a look into Joe Biden's Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Brown Jackson. Brown Jackson states that she cannot define a woman because she is not a biologist, in her confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Hotsenpiller also discusses how Brown Jackson writes a piece about Black women in the 1619 project, but somehow can not define what a woman is. He also debunks Brown Jackson's ideas on critical race theory, the Founding Fathers, and identity politics. He brings up an example from BBC that shares a story of how China is trying to push boys to be more manly. This issue is prevalent because of the One-Child Policy which resulted in uneven numbers of males and females in China. Hotsenpiller backs up his claim behind the issues with gender identities. He shows evidence in Genesis by quoting "God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them". Now, if you believe the Bible is the word of God, how could you argue with that?

Lia Thomas’ Victory Is a Loss for Women—and for Him

After decades of debate and debacle over fair treatment for women across the societal board, it’s a jaw-dropping wonder to hear the societal mouthpieces applaud as a man claiming to be a woman wallops all the girls in a national women’s swimming championship.

Tennessee Social Media Bill Faces Legal Obstacles Similar to Florida, Texas

Tennessee lawmakers pushing a social media oversight bill that would prevent users from being banned or shadow banned said it is not a First Amendment issue but a governmental course correction.

Russia Will Likely Take Kyiv, but Losses Could Run Into the ‘Tens of Thousands,’ Says Military Historian

Renowned Israeli historian Prof. Dr. Martin van Creveld warned that the conflict in Ukraine could last for months, and “maybe longer”

American Pastor Providing Trauma Kits to Ukrainians to ‘Save Their Lives’

An American pastor is working directly with the Ukrainian Army to provide the Eastern European country with combat field trauma supplies to help those wounded in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Joe Biden Sending Stingers, Drones, Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, and 20 Million Rounds of Ammo to Ukraine

President Joe Biden announced his decision to provide an additional $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine on Wednesday.

Cartel Gun Battle in Border City Nuevo Laredo

Mexican border city Nuevo Laredo is scene of a massive gun battle among three rival cartels on Sunday evening, causing the U.S. consulate to be temporarily closed.

Starbucks Employee Claims to Have Spit in a Conservative Student’s Coffee

A Starbucks employee claims to have spit in a prominent conservative student leader’s coffee in Denton, Texas. University of North Texas (UNT) student and former YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) President, Kelly Neidert, found the post on Yik Yak, an anonymous Twitter-style social network popular on college campuses.

Pennsylvania Democrats Celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

The Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus took time Thursday to acknowledge Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, a national movement.

Texas Republicans, Democrats Battle Over Who Is to Blame for 10,000 Uncounted Primary Ballots

Democrats and Republicans are each pointing at the other party over who is to blame for the 10,000 uncounted ballots from the 2022 Texas primary.

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