Nearly Half of Americans Believe Health Officials Lied About COVID Vaccines, Masks

Nearly half of Americans believe public health officials lied about the effectiveness of vaccines and masks, while many also said the government has spent enough money fighting COVID-19 and should move on, according to a new poll.

Musk to Test Computer Implant in Human Brains

The microchip device is proposed to allow the disabled to regain lost functions like speech and movement.

Walmart Employee Kills 6 in Virginia Mass Shooting

Shooting at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart store on Tuesday night left six dead and four injured, police said Wednesday.

MTG Allowed Back on Twitter

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) personal Twitter account was reinstated on the platform on Monday after more than 10 months of permanent suspension.

Legacy Media Bias on Full Display After Trump Announces He’s Running for President in 2024 (Screenshots)

Mainstream media injects hyperbole into headlines meant to report President Donald J. Trump's 2024 U.S. presidential election announcement.

Kerry’s Climate Alarmism Scheme Allows Polluting Companies to Continue Polluting

White House climate envoy John Kerry announced Wednesday that the Biden administration and environmental nonprofits are creating a financial framework that will allow corporations to offset their emissions by buying “carbon credits” from developing nations.

Only 40% of Republicans Believe Midterm Votes Will Be Cast, Counted Accurately

Fresh Gallup poll shows Republican confidence in elections has dropped to a new low ahead of November midterms.

FCC Commissioner Says TikTok Should Be Banned by U.S. Government

The leader of the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday the U.S. government should take action to ban the China-based social media app TikTok.

Ukrainian Officials ‘Concerned’ About Republicans Plans to Stop Funding Ukraine’s Military

The foreign minister of Ukraine said the end of aid for Ukraine's conflict with Russia could deal a blow to their military prospects.

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