U.S. Navy Overspent Nearly $400 Million in Ukraine Aid

The U.S. Navy overspent $398.9 million in Ukraine aid, a report from the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (OIG) revealed.

Automation Looms as California Fast-Food Restaurants Adjust to $20 Minimum Wage

California fast-food restaurants are scaling back their staff ahead of a state law that will increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour, as...

Federal Agencies Provide Banks Tools to Flag Americans Buying Guns or Bibles

Federal agencies reportedly gave banks automated tools to flag as possible domestic terrorists any Americans who buy Bibles or support the enforcement of protecting the border, testimony revealed before a House committee.

Japanese Rocket Explodes Moments After Liftoff in Maiden Launch Attempt

Kairos, a small solid-fuel rocket manufactured by Japan's Space One, suffered a catastrophic explosion just seconds into its maiden launch on Wednesday as the...

New App ‘VotifyNow’ Aims to Strengthen Election Integrity by Tracking Reported Irregularities

In response to rising concerns over election fraud, especially prevalent during the 2016 presidential and 2018 midterm elections, entrepreneur Johnny Vieira introduced an app named VotifyNow.

World Economic Forum Pushes to Reduce Private Vehicle Ownership by 75%

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is demanding the public reduce private automobile ownership by 75% by the year 2050.

UN Reveals ‘Automated Fact-Checking Tool’ to Combat Disinformation

The United Nations (U.N.) revealed an "automated fact-checking tool" called iVerify to combat supposed disinformation and online hate speech.

Several Federal Agencies Invaded by Cyberattacks

An unspecified number of federal agencies have been hit by a cyberattack, according to CNN.

‘Chemtrails’: RFK Jr. Interviewee Says U.S. Government Uses Military and Commercial Aircraft to Spray Dangerous Chemicals Above America (Watch Videos)

"We don't face global warming. We face what would be scientifically termed an 'Abrupt climate collapse.'"

Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Bar AI from Initiating Nuclear Launches

The "use of AI for deploying nuclear weapons without a human chain of command and control is reckless, dangerous, and should be prohibited," says Rep. Buck.

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