Minor League Baseball Player Gets Baptized

Wes Clarke, a minor league baseball player, was baptized earlier this week by his teammate, Brewer Hicklen.

Ohio General Assembly Passes $4.2 Billion Capital Spending Bill and Major Education Reforms

A $4.2 billion state capital spending bill, several education reforms, and a proposed change to the way state ballot issues are numbered were among...

U.S. Olympic Team Defies Climate Measures, Will Bring Air Conditioning Units to Paris

The U.S. Olympic team has joined other countries in planning to bring air conditioning units to the Paris Olympics.

Court Blocks Six More States from Implementing Biden’s Title IX Rules

The Biden administration's revised Title IX policies cannot be implemented in six more states. Judges from different jurisdictions have now blocked the rules in ten states.

E. Coli Discovered in Paris Seine River Just Ahead of 2024 Summer Olympics 

Unsafe amounts of E. coli has been found in the water in the Seine River, the location for swimming competitions, just months before the summer Paris Olympics. 

NH Legislature Sends Transgender Athlete Ban to Governor’s Desk

A bill from New Hampshire is on its way to the governor's desk that would prohibit transgender athletes in grades 5 through 12 from...

Athletes and Celebrities Show Support for Trump Following Guilty Verdict

Celebrities, politicians, and athletes have taken to social media over the past few days to show their support for Former President Donald Trump following his guilty verdict.

USA Today Quietly Removes Op-Ed Piece Against Trans Athletes

Several newspapers connected to USA Today's network, owned by Gannett, quietly removed Senator John Kennedy's (R-LA) opinion piece on transgender athletes.

Libertarian Party Nominates Pro-Drag, Open Border Former Democrat Chase Oliver

Former Democrat and political activist Chase Oliver won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

RNC, Trump Campaign Launch ‘Gun Owners for Trump’

The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign announced the launch of the Gun Owners for Trump coalition over the weekend.

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