Researchers: Rare Immune Response May Cause Blood Clots After AstraZeneca Vaccine

Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D., explains why he believes Johnson & Johnson cannot guarantee its COVID vaccine won’t alter your genetic code.

EU Medicine Regulator Warns Of Blood Clots With Astrazeneca Vaccine

The European Union medicine regulator has warned blood clots are a possible side effect of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine.

15 million J&J COVID Vaccines Thrown Away After Ingredient Mix-Up With AstraZeneca

The mix-up at a Baltimore manufacturing plant forced regulators to delay authorization of the plant’s production lines and prompted an FDA investigation.

German Researchers Link AstraZeneca Jab To Rare Blood Clots

Germany, along with several other EU member states, suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Monday following reports of unusual blood clots, though a dozen states have already re-started vaccinations.

Italy Seizes Nearly 400K AstraZeneca Doses, Starts Investigation After Man Dies Following Shot

Officials in Italy have seized nearly 400,000 doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and are conducting a criminal investigation after a man died hours after receiving the shot.

Journalist Proclaims She Would “Love to Die” From the AstraZeneca Vaccine if it Helps Others

"Someone has to sacrifice in order for the rest to be safe."

Germany, France, Italy Suspend Use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Countries join others in pausing shots after a small number of cases of blood clotting on the continent

Danish Woman Who Died From Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Shot Had ‘Unusual Symptoms’, Agency Says

COPENHAGEN—A 60-year-old Danish woman who died of a blood clot after receiving AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine had “highly unusual” symptoms, according to the Danish Medicines Agency.

Ireland becomes latest nation to halt rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine following new reports of blood clotting

Ireland has put the brakes on plans to administer the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, following in the footsteps of other countries that have suspended its use over concerns that the drug may be linked to blood clotting.

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