‘Tromethamine’—Pfizer Adds Drug Used to Treat ‘Cardiac Arrest’ to Its Vax for Children: F.D.A. Briefing Document

“[T]he Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer.”

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last month authorized Pfizer-BioNTech’s experimental coronavirus vaccine—confirmed to use fetal tissue in testing—for emergency use in children 5 to 11.
  • However, an FDA briefing document reveals that Pfizer has added a drug used to treat cardiac arrest (heart attack) called “Tromethamine” to its vaccine for children.
Screenshot taken from FDA.gov on November 3, 2021
  • The document also lists heart complications such as myocarditis as “key risks” for children who take Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • Pfizer’s own website says Tromethamine is given to patients “during cardiac arrest.”
  • Tromethamine is used to treat metabolic acidosis, which often “occurs after heart bypass surgery or cardiac arrest,” according to Kaiser Permanente.
  • Tromethamine can be administered “by injection into the ventricular cavity during cardiac arrest,” states the FDA.
  • Pfizer’s website says Tromethamine can cause adverse side effects such as “ventilatory depression,” “[c]hemical phlebitis and venospasm,” “Transient depression of blood glucose,” “hepatocellular necrosis,” as well as “febrile response, infection at the site of injection, venous thrombosis or phlebitis extending from the site of injection extravasation and hypervolemia.”
  • The briefing document claims Tromethamine was added to Pfizer’s vaccine for children in order to “provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile.”
  • Moderna’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine—which has been linked to “Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Neurologic, Neuro-Inflammatory and Thrombotic Events…[and] Death”—also includes Tromethamine, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publication.
  • Drugs.com lists the following adverse side effects from Tromethamine:

“[R]espiratory depression, local irritation, tissue inflammation, injection site infection, febrile response, chemical phlebitis, venospasm, hypervolemia, IV thrombosis, extravasation (with possible necrosis and sloughing of tissues), transient decreases in blood glucose concentrations, hypoglycemia, and hepatocellular necrosis with infusion via low-lying umbilical venous catheters.”

  • The Cleveland Clinic also lists the following:

“[C]onfusion, dark urine, fast heartbeat, general ill feeling or flu-like symptoms, light-colored stools, pain, redness, or irritation at site where injected, right upper belly pain, sweating, unusually weak or tired, yellowing of the eyes or skin… [and] dizziness, feeling anxious, increased hunger, loss of appetite, nausea.”

  • The FDA briefing document shows that clinical trials found “related” illnesses including myocarditis, pericarditis, lymphadenopathy, arthralgia, paresthesia, nervous tic, hematochezia, pyrexia, neutropenia, hypersensitivity reaction, angioedema, and rashes.
  • The document states the “key risks” to children aged 5 to 11 after taking the Pfizer vaccine “include excess myocarditis/pericarditis cases, and related hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths attributable to myocarditis/pericarditis.”
  • The FDA approved the “first oral blood thinning medication for children” a few months ahead of their coronavirus vaccine rollout for children and subsequent addition of Tromethamine to the jab’s formulation.
  • A publication in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) on Tuesday revealed how a researcher blew the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial, “exposing faked data, blind trial failures, poorly trained vaccinators, and a slow follow-up on adverse reactions in the phase-three trial of Pfizer’s Covid jab,” RT News reports.
  • As of October 22, 2021, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports 837,593 total Covid-19 vaccine adverse events, including 17,619 deaths. However, because a 2010 Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) report conducted by Harvard doctors concluded that only “1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS in the first place, a more accurate number of people who have been killed by Covid-19 vaccines is 1,761,900. A more accurate number of people who have been injured by Covid-19 vaccines is 83,759,300.
  • Fully vaccinated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has tested positive for COVID-19, his office announced Wednesday morning, according to The Los Angeles Times.
  • One Israeli study showed natural immunity to coronavirus was 27 times more effective than the Pfizer vaccine, notes The Times of Israel.
  • Dr. Peter Marks—who directs the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research—says pharmaceutical companies “are still studying the use of the vaccines in even younger children, and that COVID-19 vaccines are still a few months away for children in the under-5 age group.”
  • San Francisco became the first city in the world to mandate Covid-19 vaccines for children, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Pfizer expects $65 billion in sales from its Covid-19 vaccine through 2021 and 2022.

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith and author of “An American Revival: Why American Christianity Is Failing & How to Fix It.”