ICE Arrests Three Portuguese Women Charged in 1-Year-Old Boys Death

Federal immigration authorities have arrested three Portuguese women who are also charged in connection with the death of a Rhode Island infant. 

Rioting in The Hague: Migrants and Police Clash in Night of Unrest

Mass violence erupted in The Hague, Netherlands, Saturday night as hundreds of African migrants clashed with police, vandalized property, and ignited fires, underscoring ongoing...

Gov. Abbott Announces New Texas Military Base on Southern Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced this week that his administration is building a Forward Operating Base near the southern border to house Texas National Guard soldiers who have been deployed to help fight the illegal immigration crisis.

NYPD Arrests 15-Year-Old Suspect in Times Square Shooting, Highlights Public Safety Vigilance

A 15-year-old suspect, Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, was apprehended by U.S. Marshals after being accused of shooting a tourist in...

Iran Executes Four Men Over Alleged Mossad Links

Iran executed four men on Monday after they were convicted of planning sabotage and having alleged links with Israel's Mossad secret service, state media...

Texas vs. Biden: Immigration Clash Spurs Legal Showdown

The feud between the Biden administration and Texas over the southern border signals a significant clash between federal and state authorities on immigration policies....

NYC Driver Shoves Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blocking Traffic

A New York City driver was seen confronting a group of anti-Israel protesters blocking cars driving across the Manhattan Bridge Monday.

ICE Report Reveals Non-Detained Migrant Docket Soars to 6.2 Million

A year-end report from U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) revealed that more than 6 million illegal immigrants are on the non-detained docket.

DOJ Threatens to Sue Texas Over Border Security Law

The Department of Justice has threatened to sue Texas if Governor Greg Abbott (R) enforces a new law allowing authorities to arrest illegal immigrants.

Texas Arrests Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

Texas authorities have arrested thousands of immigrants in an operation to combat illegal immigration.

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