Critics Question Legitimacy of January 6 Committee Amid PBS Documentary Revelations

A recent PBS docu-series unveiled this week sheds light on Democrats' strategic use of the January 6 Capitol Hill protests to disseminate propaganda and...

Record-Breaking Win: Trump Dominates New Hampshire Primary 

In a significant triumph on Tuesday night, President Donald J. Trump secured a decisive victory in New Hampshire, setting a new record for the...

Anti-Trump Media Ignores the Actual ‘Dictator’ Threat

Fox News Retracts Hit Piece on Former President Trump

Fox News retracted a hit piece against former President Donald Trump and said they “inaccurately attributed” an anti-Trump quote to former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

‘Fake Tale of Russian Bots’ Helped Democrats Push Anti-Trump Narrative: New ‘Twitter Files’

Twitter officials found "no evidence of Russian influence."

‘If I Run, I Win,’ Mitt Romney Makes Stunning Election Claim

Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney is confident about his prospects in his next election.

GOP ‘Shadow’ Jan 6 Group to Release Report Countering Select Committee’s Anti-Trump Narrative

House Republicans are planning to release their own 100-page report in response to the select committee's expected 1,000 page report on the events of Jan 6, 2021.

Republican Governor’s Association Builds Anti-Trump War Chest With Ron DeSantis

The RGA filled DeSantis' coffers while hanging conservative candidates in competitive states out to dry.

Mike Lindell to Challenge Ronna Romney for RNC Chair

MyPillow Founder and CEO Mike Lindell will challenge "failed" RNC leader Ronna Romney to lead the organization.

Anti-Trump Republican Donors Tied to Chinese Communist Party

The billionaires are coming out against Trump's 2024 run.

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