Andy Ngo

Alleged Wisconsin Christmas Parade Attacker Rapped About George Floyd, Black Power, Anti-Police Rhetoric

"Had his knee on his neck wouldn't get off him, we ain't doing no more marching time to get retarded, military police imma go regardless"

Ibram Kendi inadvertently ‘blows up entire life’s work’ in now-deleted tweet, then claims criticism is ‘violent’

Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi, a prominent advocate of anti-racism, deleted a tweet on Friday after his critics pointed out that it may have inadvertently refuted his ideology.

Christians, Children Attacked By ‘Ruthless’ Antifa During Prayer Event In Portland

Christians, which included children, were reportedly attacked by "ruthless" Antifa members during a prayer event held in Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park last Saturday.

Is this the ‘white supremacy Joe Biden has been talking about?’ Andy Ngo reveals Antifa demographics

Jeff Hunt asked Ngo if the images of arrestees show the "white supremacy Joe Biden has been talking about? They all seem to have one color there."

Antifa ‘Panicking’ About Police Informant Inside Network: Andy Ngo

Members of the infamous Antifa cell in Portland are anxious after an informant in their midst gave information to police, leading to arson charges, Antifa expert Andy Ngo says.

Christian Conference Cuts Antifa Critic From Its Lineup of Speakers

Andy Ngo, a self-described “independent journalist and photographer who covers antifa and the far-left,” has been disinvited from the annual conference put on by evangelical Christian group Q Ideas.

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