Tucker Carlson: ‘No One Believes You Anymore, Joe Biden—No One Should Believe You’

Tucker Carlson blamed President Joe Biden’s perceived ineptness for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, calling it a humiliating defeat for the current commander-in-chief.

400,000 Cases of COVID Vaccine Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer

A German health insurer BKK ProVita said an analysis of data collected from more than 10 million people suggests COVID vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported. The company said its analysis revealed a “significant alarm signal” and said "a risk to human life cannot be ruled out.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Interference Chief Now Runs Joe Biden’s White House Tech Team

The White House’s Deputy Director of Technology previously worked for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which funneled nearly half a billion dollars into the 2020 U.S. election in an effort to secure a victory for Joe Biden.

CNN’s Anti-Trump Russia Hoaxer Paula Reid Is Married to a Chinese Communist Party Lobbyist

The Jeff Zucker hire was also tasked with falsifying reports about Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Illegal Immigration Has Caused Record High Foreign-Born Population

The unprecedented amount of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. under President Joe Biden's leadership has led to the highest number of foreign-born babies.

Just 36% Approve of Biden on Russia-Ukraine

President Joe Biden's overall approval rating is in the low 40s, but Americans are even more sour on his handling of foreign affairs (just 40% approve), particularly on his handling of Russia's threat to Ukraine (36% approve), according to the latest Gallup Poll released Tuesday.

‘Worst Experience of My Life’: Early Vax Adopters Suffer Injuries, Struggle to Get Proper Care

Dr. Danice Hertz remembers vividly the day she got a COVID-19 vaccine.

Documents Reveal US Gov’t Spent $22M Promoting Anti-Russia Narrative in Ukraine and Abroad

The National Endowment for Democracy can claim it is in the business of democracy promotion. In reality, it does anything but that, unless “democracy” is entirely synonymous with elite U.S. interests.

5 Media Lies About the Latest Special Counsel Revelations

The Durham deniers’ talking points remain gibberish. They are furiously attempting to hand-wave away the facts the special counsel has found.

Lawsuit Seeks to Prevent ‘Zuckerbucks’ Influence on Future Elections

Michigan official sued for diverting 'PPE' grant money to 'boost Democrat candidates'

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