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Only 14% Of Americans Agree With Amnesty for Illegals

A poll has found that the vast majority of Americans do not agree that there should be a blanket amnesty for immigrants who cross the border into the United States illegally.

Non-U.S. Citizens Can Police Americans in California

The previous requirement that these officers be U.S. citizens or permanent residents has been scrapped.

General Flynn Exposes ‘Secret’ U.S. Government, Warns Americans Freedom Is Under Attack

Retired Army General Michael Flynn warned Americans this week their freedoms are in danger because of a "secret" United States agency operating in the shadows.

Republican House Ends Funding for ‘Army of 87,000 IRS Agents’

Repealing IRS funding in the Inflation Reduction Act saved $70 billion.

Florida National Park Closes From Illegal Immigrants

The Florida Keys' Dry Tortugas National Park has shut down due to an influx of illegal immigrants.

Human Smuggling Suspects Arrested After at Least 21 Illegal Immigrants, Including Pregnant Woman and 3-Year-Old Girl, Discovered Naked and Starving in Fort Worth Home

At least 21 illegal immigrants are safe and two suspects in custody after the FBI conducted a raid on a Fort Worth, Texas, home shortly before Christmas.

Omnibus Shows Congress’s Priorities: Authoritarianism and War

Those hoping for a Christmastime government shutdown were once again disappointed when Congress passed a 4,000-page, $1.7 trillion omnibus appropriations bill that few, if any, Representatives and Senators read before voting on.

Donald Trump Responds to Jan 6 Report

Donald Trump released a video response to the 845-page document detailing the final January 6 report where the House Select Committee blamed Trump as the "central cause" of the riot.

Trump Promises to Ban Gov’t From Impeding On Freedom Of Speech If Elected (Watch)

Trump promises if re-elected he will push legislation banning the federal government from censoring the "lawful speech of American citizens."

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