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Elon Musk Mocks Celebrities Angry Over New Twitter Verification Rules

Twitter CEO Elon Musk mocked celebrities including Alyssa Milano who had melt downs over the changes in identity verification on Twitter.

Steve Harvey Blasts ‘Cancel Culture,’ Says ‘Political Correctness Has Killed Comedy’—Won’t Do Another Stand-up Special Unless It’s His Last One

Steve Harvey blasted "cancel culture" during the Television Critics Association press tour while promoting his new courtroom series "Judge Steve Harvey," Variety reported, adding that Harvey rattled off a long list of comics no longer allowed to say what they want for fear of losing their careers.

Alyssa Milano arrested at White House voting rights protest

Actress Alyssa Milano was arrested during a voting rights protest at the White House on Tuesday as the Senate gears up for a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, a scaled-back version of the voting rights bill that Senate Republicans blocked in June.

Hollywood star goes scorched earth on Hillary: You represent no soul, you eat hope, you twist minds

Actress Rose McGowan is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to Democratic politicians, and one of her latest tweets takes aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rose McGowan Blasts Biden And Alyssa Milano Amidst Cuomo Scandal – ‘Your Time Is Up’

The Hollywood star Rose McGowan of Scream fame took to social media this week to give her thoughts on the sexual harassment scandal involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Alyssa Milano labelled a ‘white supremacist’ in online viral video

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