Columbia University Anti-Israel Encampment Returns During Class Reunions

Columbia University's anti-Israel protesters returned to the school to set up another encampment during class reunions.

Biden Admin Funding Overseas LGBT Events

The U.S. Department of State is funding LGBT events for Pride Month overseas.

Drexel University Locks Down Amid Anti-Israel Protests

Drexel University in Philadelphia was placed on lockdown as anti-Israel protesters took over the campus. University officials coordinated with Philadelphia police, and university President...

Cornell University President Resigns

Cornell University President Martha Pollack resigned, becoming the third Ivy League president to do so in recent months.

Northwestern University Officials Sign Resolution Condemning Israel as ‘Apartheid’

Northwestern University officials and faculty signed a resolution condemning Israel and demanding the school end ties with the nation.

Students Forced to Watch Video Saying White People Are Racist

Davidson College in North Carolina required student-athletes to watch a video saying all white people are inherently racist.

Taxpayer Dollars Provided to Teach LGBT Refugees How to Use Computers

The State Department and the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) funded programs to help LGBTQ refugee entrepreneurs, teach LGBTQ refugees how to use computers, and support Costa Rica's status as a country granting asylum to LGBTQ individuals.

State Department Funds Training for ‘LGBTQI+ Allies’

The State Department paid Washington State University to train "master trainers" in India to teach 2,000 people to become "LGBTQI+ allies," according to a report from The Daily Caller.

Harvard University President Claudine Gay Resigns: ‘Two Down’

Harvard President Claudine Gay has resigned following allegations of plagiarism and failure to condemn antisemitism.

State Department Provides Funding for LGBTQ Dance Program

The State Department is funding a dancing program to "uplift transgender and gender diverse” people in Peru.

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