White House Asked Facebook to Censor Conservative Commentators

The memo specifically targets posts by conservative commentator Tomi Lahren.

U.S. Air Force Official Attributes Superior Ethical Position of American Military’s AI to ‘Judeo-Christian’ Roots

"Regardless of what your beliefs are, our society is a Judeo-Christian society, and we have a moral compass. Not everybody does. And there are those that are willing to go for the ends regardless of what means have to be employed," said Lt. Gen. Richard G. Moore Jr.

CDC Altered Death Certificates, Concealing COVID Vaccine as Cause of Death: Brownstone Institute Report

The source unveiled that the CDC allegedly either removed or declined to include the T88.1 or Y59.0 IDC codes from Minnesota death certificates that identified the cause of death as complications from the COVID vaccine.

Belarus to Include Castration of Pedophiles in Criminal Code

Belarus will update its national criminal code to include the chemical castration of convicted pedophiles.

Facial Characteristics Predict Political Leaning with 61% Accuracy: Danish Study

The study, titled "Using deep learning to predict ideology from facial photographs: expressions, beauty, and extra-facial information," was published in Scientific Reports.

Instagram Struggles with Disturbing Rise of Pedophilic Accounts Using Coded Hashtags and Emojis: WSJ, Stanford, UMass Study

Emojis like a map, symbolizing “minor-attracted person,” and “cheese pizza,” an acronym for “child pornography,” are commonly used.

AI ‘Killed’ Operator, Destroyed Communication Tower in ‘Thought Experiment’

The event didn't happen in real life, but is being described as a "thought experiment."

The Worst Prison Is the One You Don’t Know You’re In

What if I told you that a very powerful man has, in his own words, been "infiltrating governments" around the world to implement a surveillance state, strip you of your property rights, and remove your freedom of speech?

TikTok’s Algorithm Exposes Young Users to Suicide-Related Content

“Ten minutes and a few clicks on TikTok is all that is needed to fall into the rabbit hole of some of the darkest and most harmful content online," says corporate accountability group.

Twitter Is Censoring Republicans Again

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, a renaissance of engagement with conservative thinkers began.

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