How is the Constitution Amended?

The United States Constitution is a living document that has been amended 27 times since its adoption in 1787.

Parents Unable to View Children’s Prescriptions in North Carolina Hospital Network

A North Carolina hospital network informed parents that they cannot view their child's prescriptions if the patient is over 12 years old.

Over Half of Gen Z Have an Anxiety Condition

A report from Harmony Healthcare IT found that 61% of Gen Z have a medically diagnosed anxiety disorder.

Hunter Biden Indicted on Gun Charges

The charges stem from alleged false statements made by Hunter Biden concerning his use of illegal drugs at the time of purchasing a firearm in 2018.

American Cities with Highest Drinking Rates Are Democrat-Run

Several of the drunkest counties in America are in Wisconsin.

Job Applicants Allege Invasive Sexual and Personal Questions in Hiring Process at Bill Gates’s Private Office

The allegations suggest that the line of questioning was particularly severe for female candidates, with some reporting they were asked about their preference for pornography, the presence of explicit pictures on their phones, extramarital affairs, and whether they had ever "danced for dollars."

Federal Pell Grant Program Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Provide Education to Prisoners

The federal Pell Grant program is to fund tuition for an estimated 30,000 prisoners using $130 million in taxpayer dollars beginning next month.

Heavily Armed IRS and ATF Agents Raid Montana Gun Store, Seize Firearm Purchase Records

Twenty armed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents carried out a raid at a gun store in Great Falls, Montana, seizing all documents that record buyer’s information during transactions.

Bud Light Sponsors Cincinnati ‘Pride Parade’ as Sales Plummet

Amid their sales plummeting after supporting transgender influence Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light has now decided to sponsor the upcoming Cincinnati Pride Parade. 

UN Calls for Taliban to End Public Executions, Stonings, Lashings

The United Nations (UN) released a report criticizing the Taliban for its displays of public corporal punishment, including public executions, lashings, and stonings.

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