Laurene Powell Jobs’ Atlantic Magazine Says ‘Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame’ for Deadly Afghan Evacuation

Atlantic magazine, owned by billionaire widow of Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs, published an essay Monday congratulating President Joe Biden for the Afghan evacuation that has thus far left 13 U.S. service members dead and numerous amounts of military gear in the hands of the Taliban terrorists.

US says drone kills IS bombers targeting Kabul airport

A U.S. drone strike blew up a vehicle carrying “multiple suicide bombers” from Afghanistan’s Islamic State affiliate on Sunday before they could attack the ongoing military evacuation at Kabul’s international airport, American officials said.

US Still Considering Bombing Military Equipment, Especially Aircraft, Left In Afghanistan

Multiple disturbing and shocking reports have detailed this week that literally billions of dollars in US weaponry and military equipment were left behind amid the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden’s airstrikes seen as message to Iran while administration tries to revive nuke deal

The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups.

Ilhan Omar, other progressives question Biden’s ‘legal rationale’ for Syria airstrikes

Several Republicans also criticized the military action

Israeli Precision Airstrikes Eliminate Palestinian Terror Commander, Nine Miles of Tunnel

The Israeli military unleashed a series of precision airstrikes on the Gaza Strip early Monday morning, destroying nine miles of terrorist tunnels and the homes of Hamas commanders.

Israel Vows It Has Only Just Begun as Punishing Airstrikes Light Up Hamas Positions

The Middle East has erupted in violence after Hamas launched rocket attacks against Israel — but the Palestinian Islamist organization is about to get exactly the hellfire it deserves.

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