Exercise Reduces COVID Hospitalization by 91%, Death by 291%: American Journal of Preventative Medicine

58% of survey respondents were inactive or mostly inactive.

Twitter Suspends Colorado-Based Antifa Group

Twitter has suspended the Colorado Springs branch of Antifa, @COSAntiFascists, which had been active for several years with a history of inciting violence.

Republicans Who Voted Against Reinstating Unvaccinated Troops

Four Republican senators voted alongside Democrats to refuse reinstating military troops that were discharged after not receiving the Covid vaccine.

Are Lab-Grown Foods a Threat to the Health of the American People?

Now that companies promoting lab-based dairy and lab-grown foods are getting FDA approval, it’s time to have an uncomfortable but important discussion about the push to reinvent the American diet.

Domestic Terrorists Arrested at Violent Antifa Autonomous Zone in Atlanta

Five members of a far-left militant occupation in south Atlanta were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism and other felony charges for assaults, arson, and property destruction.

U.S. Officials Struggle to Track Billions in Aid to Ukraine

U.S. officials are scrambling to track the money and ensure it is used appropriately.

Texas School District Changes Policy to Allow Some Employees to Carry Firearms

Keller ISD has changed a policy in response to the Uvalde shooting that allows certain employees to be armed.

Biden Fires Non-Binary Deputy Assistant Secretary Sam Brinton Amid Stole Luggage Accusations

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has reportedly fired Sam Brinton, the "openly genderfluid" Deputy assistant secretary following two accusations of luggage theft.

End of the World as Pope Knows It? Francis’ Latest Remarks Stir Prophetic Interest

Pope Francis on Monday said he sees “still greater omens of greater destruction and desolation” in the world and called on people “to put aside selfishness, indifference and antagonism.”

Conservatives Must Finally Break Free From the Stranglehold of Fake Republicans

The problem for conservatives headed forward is not so much mail-in ballots as it is mail-in Republicans.

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