Soros-Linked Entities Expand Media Presence with Audacy Debt Investment

Earlier this month, Soros Fund Management, the investment firm founded by George Soros, acquired over $400 million worth of debt owed by Audacy, the...

UBS Shares Decline Following Disappointing Fourth-Quarter Results

UBS shares in Zurich experienced a nearly 3% decline following the Swiss lender's fourth-quarter earnings report, which failed to meet the expectations set by...

Patients at Hospitals Owned by Private Equity Firms More Likely to Experience Adverse Events

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that patients treated at hospitals owned by private equity firms were more likely to experience adverse events than those treated at hospitals not owned by private equity firms.

White House Advisor Says U.S. Steel Purchase Requires ‘Serious Scrutiny’

The Biden administration said Japanese company Nippon Steel's planned $14.9 billion purchase of U.S. steel requires "serious scrutiny."

Police Called to Investigate Explicit Illustrations in Book After Parents Complain

A police officer was called to a middle school in Massachusetts after an anonymous parent complained that a frequently-banned book on gender ideology was being read.

U.S. Steel Sold to Japanese Company

The United States Steel Corporation is being sold to Japan's predominant steelmaker.

Texas Board of Education Votes to Ban Sexually Explicit Books From School Libraries

The Texas Board of Education voted 13-1 to prohibit sexually explicit books from school libraries.

Biological Man Crowned Miss Portugal

The first "trans woman" was crowned Miss Portugal.

Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Gun Charges

If found guilty, he could face penalties of up to 25 years imprisonment, post-imprisonment supervised release for as long as 9 years, and hefty fines that could reach $750,000.

U.S. Sees Surge in Fertilizer Imports from Russia Under Biden Admin

Despite President Joe Biden's attempts to punish Russia with sanctions for its role in the country's conflict with Ukraine.

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