Church Helps Octogenarian Overcome Her Fear Of Water So She Could Get Baptized

Joy Stamey is an 86 year old member of the Liberty Live Church in Hampton, Virginia and a devout Christian. But despite being a Christian since she was young, she was never baptized due to her fear of water. Over the past months, however, she began to consider confronting her fears and getting baptized in order to obey Jesus Christ.

Liz Cheney Accidentally Undercuts Entire Purpose of Jan. 6 Committee by Releasing Mark Meadows’ Texts

Did… did Liz Cheney just accidentally own herself and the entire Jan. 6 House panel by trying to own team Trump?

What I’ve learned rescuing my daughter from her transgender fantasy

'She was morphing into an emo-Goth-vampirelike creature'

Facebook tech guru questions fight against misinformation

Attempts to turn social media into an exclusive club where only elites have a right to speak in the name of rooting out dangerous misinformation are fundamentally wrong, a senior Meta official said.

Michigan Catholic Diocese Says Gay, ‘Transgender’ Individuals Should Be Denied Sacraments

LGBT individuals should not receive baptism, communion until they have “repented,” guidance says.

Boston’s Christian Flag Debate Heading to US Supreme Court

Over the past 12 years there have been 284 flags—from LGBTQ rainbow flags, a Turkish flag with the Islamic star, to Communist China flags—raised on a public flagpole owned by the city of Boston.

WHO Warns Against Vaccine Mandates

The World Health Organization announced its hesitancy to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The organization’s European director, Dr. Hans Kluge, made the WHO’s stance known on a recent video presser. Dr. Kluge said such a sweeping move should only be used as a last resort.

Apple Signed $275 Billion Contract with China to Avoid Crackdown

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly signed a $275 billion deal with China in 2016 in order to prevent a crackdown by the communist government on its vast business in the country. The Masters of the Universe committed to “grow together with Chinese enterprises to achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situation.”

Florida Unveils Tools for Reporting Employers Who Violate Restrictions on Vaccine Mandates

Attorney General's office says complaints about out-of-compliance employers are already rolling in.

You’re Not Invited’: China Laughs off Joe Biden’s Olympics Half-Measure

China’s top English-language propagandists mocked President Joe Biden on Tuesday following the announcement that he would allow the U.S. to play in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics but withhold uninvited politicians, comparing the move to charging “an appearance fee to go to public restrooms.”

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