Joe Biden Promising Four Free COVID Tests To Americans

The White House promised Tuesday Joe Biden's website will now be providing four free COVID tests per household.

US Government Forces Cars to Have ‘Kill Switch’ Available to Law Enforcement

Recent infrastructure bill clause requires new car manufacturers to put a “kill switch” in vehicles manufactured from 2026 allowing law enforcement access to vehicle.

America’s Military Should be Used to Oppress the Unvaxxed: Utah Newspaper

The editorial board of the 152-year-old Salt Lake Tribune has demanded that Utah’s governor deploys the National Guard to ensure that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 “would not be allowed anywhere.”

Biden Repositioning on Pandemic as Midterm Elections Loom

President Joe Biden took office promising to "shut down" COVID-19, but in recent weeks, he has taken steps toward acknowledging that the virus will not be eradicated, repositioning to limit damage in the midterm elections.

87% Fully-Vaxxed U.S. Nursing Homes See COVID Deaths and Cases Rise

"High" vaccination rates per CDC guidance in American nursing homes apparently ineffective to curb infection and death.

Illinois After-School Satan Club Receives Pushback From Parents

An Illinois middle school is under fire after they began to host an after-school program called a “Satan club” throughout the year.

Florida Legislators Battle It Out on Whether Abortion Should Be Restricted or Expanded

The first of the Florida state legislative session saw eight bills regarding the restriction and expansion of abortion rights.

Republican Senator Introduces ‘FAUCI Act’ to Govern Federal Officials Financial Ethics

Kansas Republican announces plans to push a bill that will target government officials' disclosure of financial records, named after Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Official watchdog proves that IRS treats taxpayers like dirt

The IRS needs more agents on its help desk, not its audit department.

U.S. to Gift $308 Million to Taliban-Run Afghanistan: White House

"Humanitarian assistance" for the country ruled by Islamist terrorist organization.

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