Ukraine to Enter NATO After Conflict With Russia Ends

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg announced that Ukraine will be joining the alliance after it concludes its war with Russia.

Massachusetts School Cancels ‘USA Day,’ Wants to ‘Avoid Politics’

Wellesley High School in Massachusetts canceled its Spirit Week "USA Day," expressing a desire to "avoid politics."

Austrian Freedom Party Motions to Stop Funding Ukraine

The conservative party in Austria has put forth a motion demanding the country discontinue its financial support to Ukraine.

Miss Italy Confirms No Transgender Women Allowed: ‘Must be a Woman from Birth’

"So as long as my rulebook goes on it will be like this. And for now, I don't think I'll change it," says official Patron of Miss Italy.

NATO Rejects Ukraine Membership for Now

Originally published July 11, 2023 2:00 pm PDT Following an intense debate at the annual NATO summit in Vilnius, the leaders of the 31-member alliance...

Joe Rogan Challenges Vaccine Researcher Peter Hotez to Debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Podcast host Joe Rogan recently offered vaccine researcher Peter Hotez, who he’s had on his show, $100,000 to come and debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with no time limit.

Biden Family Bribery Scheme Whistleblower Found Dead: Rudy Giuliani to Newsmax (Watch)

In a chilling turn of events, the chief accountant of Ukraine's controversial energy company, Burisma Energy, who had offered to furnish damning evidence against the Biden family, has been found dead under unexplained circumstances.

North Korea, Infamous for Controversies, Secures Pivotal Role in World Health Organization, Sparking International Outrage

"What this means is that one of the world’s most horrific regimes is now a part of a group that sets and enforces the standards and norms for the global governance of health care. It is an absurd episode for a key U.N. agency that is in much need of self-reflection and reform,” Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of Geneva-based independent human rights organization, UN Watch, commented.

CPAC ‘Do Not Invite’ List Includes Trump Family, Congressmen

Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) chairman Matt Schlapp had a "Do Not Invite" list, The National Pulse reported.

Fox Corp. Issues Cease-and-Desist to Media Matters Over Leaked Tucker Carlson Videos

"That unaired footage is Fox’s confidential intellectual property; Fox did not consent to its distribution or publication; and Fox does not consent to its further distribution or publication," the company's attorneys wrote to Media Matters.

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