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Connecticut Judge Overturns Results of Mayoral Election

Democratic Superior Court Judge William Clark called for a new election to be held after he overturned the results of the Bridgeport Democratic mayoral primary.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shares Ex-Husband’s Voting Experience as Evidence for Georgia Election Fraud

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) said her ex-husband was a victim of election fraud in 2020.

Police Find Widespread Voter Fraud Found in Michigan

“My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan," said Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson.

300 Unmarked Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election Found in Michigan Storage Unit

Following this discovery, the ballots were audited by the Michigan secretary of state's office, with the findings accessible only through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Wisconsin Democrat Governor Announces More Absentee Voting Before 2024 Election

Wisconsin will move to expand absentee voting throughout the state ahead of the sure-to-be-contentious 2024 election, part of a rash of voting policies the state will alter or develop prior to that race.

North Carolina Considers Requiring All Absentee Ballots Arrive by Election Day

An “Election Day Integrity Act” filed in the state Senate on Thursday could change the deadline for absentee ballots in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania Report Recommends 5 Changes to Election Code

Pennsylvania’s Election Law Advisory Board has released an interim report making five recommendations for how the legislature can address grey areas in the state election code as it relates to mail-in voting.

Former New York Elections Commissioner Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

He admitted to unlawfully using the names and dates of birth of 12 voters to fraudulently apply for absentee ballots for elections held in Rensselaer County in 2021.

Former Republican Official Pleads Guilty to ‘12-Count Indictment’ on Ballot Fraud

"Schofield admitted that in 2021, he unlawfully possessed and used the names and dates of birth of voters in connection with 12 absentee ballot applications he electronically submitted in the voters’ names to the New York State Voter Absentee Ballot Application Request Portal," according to the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of New York.

Republican Flips Iowa State Seat After Hand Recount, Machine Errors

Republican Luana Stoltenberg has finally been declared the winner in an Iowa state election after multiple recounts, errors, and lead changes.

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